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Print photos quicker than you can say #hashtag

InstaPrinta is a clever contraption that prints physical versions of your Instagrams as soon as you tap upload. Just take a picture, #tag it and off it goes – into the ether and back to our printer. It’s perfect for festivals, parties and any event with a photo op.

InstaPrinta is fully customisable too. We can add your brand, logo or event name to it and the polaroid photos it produces – creating a great little takeaway memory of your event.

InstaPrinta polaroid photos


Instaprint photobooth

Go all out with the original InstaPrinta. The standalone booth can be branded up or down to suit you. Each photo #tagged magically appears on the 40" monitor as part of a photo wall, before being zapped to the printer below.

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Instaprint mini - coming soon

For something a little more low-key try the InstaPrinta Mini – perfect for smaller events and can even be left unmanned. Its 22" touch-screen allows users to select the photos they want printing. Or just set it to automated and watch them print out instantly.

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Post-event stats

InstaPrinta won’t just get people talking at your event, it’ll also cause a buzz in the social-sphere. Once your event’s over we’ll provide you with the lowdown. Like how far your event travelled, who your biggest influencers were and what people were saying – all in a bespoke PDF report.


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